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Noteworthy are the Caribbean San Vito lo Capo (Trapani) and the near little inlets of Castelluzzo and Riserva dello Zingaro, both provinces of Trapani and close to Selinunte.

When visiting Cefalù, the Norman village, in province of Palermo, you can be astonished at the sight of the blue sea, the long sandy and pebbly beach, laying below the Rocca, while outside the village are the public beaches of Settefrati, Mazzaforno and S. Ambrogio. But in the south west, right in front of Africa and Pantelleria island is where Sicily keeps the most intact view, great spaces marked by the passage of African dunes.

Kilometres of dunes shaped by the wind, where only an unusual and spontaneous vegetation can flourish, which is interrupted by bays, islets, headlands, castles, towers, tunny-fishing nets, as well as fishing harbours. Here the sun sets slowly, it’s when the sea gets the colour of the wine, and gives everyone an exciting view that can last for over an hour. It’s the light that tells you that you are in the southernmost part of Europe. Here, along the coast road from The Natural Reserve of the Belice in Selinunte in the province of Trapani towards the white sandy beaches of Eraclea Minoa and beyond, are still wild beaches extending for thousands of kilometres.

The queen of all these beaches, best-loved by directors and photographers is the so-called “Balata o Scala dei Turchi” near Agrigento, characterized by a white-ochre chalky architecture excavated by the wind and waves. Beyond Capo di Siculiana (Agrigento) is the endless sandy oasis which is called Torre Salsa, a real sanctuary of protected nature.