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Special offers: Tailored private guided visits can be provided to discover lovely paths and special corners in Selinunte Temples, Cusa Cave, Sciacca, Palermo that only few people have the privilege to admire such as the Capitello at the Cave unknown to most of the visitors simply because not advertized so as other important archaeological spot sites nearby.

If a visit is booked, it is possible to stop at one of the most antique aristocratic private Palace of the city usually closed to the large public, welcomed inside friendly by the owner of the House and/or his family with a fresh lemonade or a restoring cup of tea in the charming, beautiful rooms before the guided visit can continue. In case of interest, a 7 days prior advice is required in order to organize the private tour and to provide with all details and relevant costs.

For a tailored private guided visit, pls contact: emericoamari@villasicilia.com

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It is possible to taste the delicious Aperitive green olives produced at Emerico Amari Farmhouse at the Latomie in Selinunte and the high quality Extra-virgin olive oil, a golden yellow oil with greenish hue or Rassegna ITALIA A TAVOLA e APERITIVO A TU PER TU con EMERICO AMARI (pls start fm min.: 08.30) :

To make an order, pls contact: emericoamari@villasicilia.com

Beautiful sandy beaches.
Selinunte the ancient Greek archaeological site, situated on the south coast of Sicily in the province of Trapani, contains five temples centered on an acropolis, only the so-called "Temple of Hera" has been re-erected.
Cusa Cave. Not far from Selinunte the Cusa quarries were the main source of building stone for the town’s temples. A wide rocky track 12km long led from the quarries to Selinunte.
Dancing Satyr of Mazara del Vallo a Greek bronze statue said an original work by Praxiteles dated either to the Hellenistic period of the third and second centuries BCE, or possibly to the Atticising phase of Roman taste in the early second century CE.
Castelvetrano shoopping area.