cultural heritage

On the other side of the island Giardini Naxos and Milazzo. It’s the sea culture and the fishing traditions that make Sicily a unique region.
So it’s not only about beaches: here a tourist can really enjoy the ancient flavours and the rites of the fishermen. The fishing harbours have recovered the best of their traditions together with an artistic and cultural heritage which draws lots of people.

Mazzara del Vallo, Sciacca, Licata, Porticello, Marzameni, Portopalo di Capo Passero, play a leading role in the fishing market, for the number of their trawlers and the amount of the haul not only in Sicily but also in the northern markets. On the west coast, Selinunte, Mazzara del Vallo and Marsala, are unique spots to experience the sea and its resources. Attending the sale of haul at the fish market here, early in the morning, is a sort of feast. Along the sunny docks of the fishing harbours, it’s easy to meet fishermen on board of typical wooden boats, with modern equipment, giving tours to those people keen on fishing and revealing them their techniques. This is called fishing –tourism.

From the dawn to the sunset you can spend a wonderful day on board of typical boats, and have a dish of spaghetti with the fish of the day as a conclusion of this unforgettable experience. The taste of sea will remain impressed: the pasta with the “anciova” (tomato extract, anchovy paste, garlic, hot red pepper and toasted crumb) as well as fresh tune with onion, capers, and tomato.

The sea gastronomy has become a sanctuary for gourmet thanks to the mastery of talented chefs who mix the magic of an African sunset with ancient flavours and yet renewing the tradition witness of history. An example of it is Menfi, a little fishing village overlooking to the bay of Agrigento and the Greek temple of Selinunte in the province of Trapani as well as some restaurants situated in the historical fishing villages near Palermo, Catania and Messina.