Today in Selinunte, Castellamare or Trapani, you can rent comfortable motor or sailing boats with or without skipper, en route to the minor islands.

Besides, at any season with a simple booking, you can sail around the islands, relying on well equipped ports.

The Sicilian Sea, thanks to its mild climate, the temperature of its water, its gulfs and windy shores represents an inexhaustible sporting gym.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, characterized by long hot summers, dry and sultry in the interior area, more ventilated near the sea. Spring and autumn are the best season for tourism. It’s advisable wearing very light and comfortable clothes (shorts, sandals, t-shirt) in summer; but it’s fine to wear jackets, wool pullovers and shoes suitable for cold temperatures if you visit the mountain areas in winter. Trousers and cotton pullovers are sufficient to face the pleasant evenings in the open air in autumn and spring. Everywhere in Sicily, in the sporting club with access to the sea, you can play boat racing or go canoeing. Mondello Beach in Palermo with its annual windsurf world festival is a meeting place of all the windsurf champions.

After the American Cup, hosted in the wonderful scenario between Trapani’s harbour and the Aegades Islands , the west coast has been nominated as Queen of the Wind. Moreover, thanks to the strong wind and high waves in some parts of the coast, hundreds of keen sportsmen come here to play surf and the new kite surf especially in the beach of the Stagnone near Marsala and in some beaches near Selinunte.

The natural reserve of the Zingaro near Selinunte and Castellamare is an extraordinary example of Mediterranean landscape with its line made by wild coast and rare Mediterranean vegetation of dwarf palm plant for the protection of the flora, fauna, archaeological and entropic landscape.

Going on, wonderful are the reserve of the Stagnone at Marsala (Trapani) and the reserve of Trapani and Paceco where saltpans, windmills and nature matched themselves in a subsequence of colours and sceneries, above all at sunset, when you are flabbergasted. Real oasis of beauty available all year near the Greek temple of Selinunte witness of history.