Segesta is one of our Suites in Villa nella Corte (10 persons)

Segesta has high beamed celing, raw stonework walls and tonachina white walls, tiled terracotta floorings, collections of antique furniture and doors, en-suite bathroom. The suite is equipped with air conditioning, heating, open fireplaces and the living area next to the terraces, the garden and the courtyard, all greeting guests with breathtaking views of the Selinunte sea coast. The outside living areas are extensive, with several terraces for dining and relaxing, enjoying the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean mixed with the scent of the surrounding flowers and olive trees.

Segesta (called Egesta by the Greeks) was the chief city of the Elymians. Its founder was traditionally Acestes, although Virgil makes Aeneas its founder. Despite evidence of early contact with Greek Selinus, their neighbour to the south (Greek pottery imports, and using the Greek alphabet to write their language), the two cities became implacable enemies - which led to Segesta's alliance with Athens (458 BC). The theatre and the 5th century temple - it never had a roof, and the fluting of the columns was never completed - can be visited.