Megara Hyblaea

Megara Hyblaea is one of our Suites in Villa al di là del Faro (6 persons)

Megara Hyblaea has high beamed celing, raw stonework walls and tonachina white walls, tiled terracotta floorings, collections of antique furniture and doors. The dining room is equipped with air conditioning, heating, open fireplaces and the living area next to the terraces, the garden and the courtyard, all greeting guests with breathtaking views of the Selinunte sea coast. The outside living areas are extensive, with several terraces for dining and relaxing, enjoying the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean mixed with the scent of the surrounding flowers and olive trees.

Megara Hyblaea - a town founded by the Greeks in 728 BC. But it was too close to the expanding power of Syracuse to survive for long, and was flattened by them in 483 BC. Treasures from the site are all in the Museo Orsi in Syracuse including the Kourotrophia. Megara was able to send out a colony of her own in 628 BC to Selinus (Selinunte). The little bay it's as beautiful as anywhere in the Mediterranean and it is a privileged destination for an evocative archaeological and naturalistic visit from the ancient acropolis, up to the hill of the valley of the temples.