Greek Temple

Around the great tuna- fishing station of Sicily you can reveal the scent of the Mediterranean Civilization

An example of it is in Favignana, (Egadi Islands), and Scopello (Trapani), as witnesses of a passed Sicilian economy. This is the Land of a ground and sea gastronomy, where all the tuna products come from and reach all the Italian tables. The Bottarga, tuna eggs dried in the traditional manner, when put on the pasta, is a delicious dish, better if served with dried small tomatoes, sauce or paste with a strongly tasty.

In this fishing villages is easy to taste a traditional north African fish or meat couscous: Tunisian receipt, which consists of masterly worked semolina, a matchless soup with the fish of the day: grouper, scorpion fish, onion fish or crayfish but also vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes, peppers and potatoes. As a dessert you can have a granita with a wide range of flavours such as coffee, melon, mulberry, almond or fig, better if served with almond cookies relaxing nearby the magnificent Greek temple!

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